Dominate Google Search Results

Usually, people who have businesses and make websites in order to promote them in more ways want to make themselves known. However, this is not that easy to achieve. While making different advertisements which are published in the press or on street banners is a good way of making your business known, it doesn’t always […]

Add jQuery Color Picker WordPress Theme or Plugin

Since WP 3.5, a new CSS gradient-based color picker called Iris was added. The new Iris color picker is shown off in the Theme Customizer for your custom theme. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how add the jquery color picker inside your WordPress theme or plugin. I will show you how to […]

Add a jQuery DatePicker to WordPress Theme or Plugin

Here is a quick method to localize with ease the jQuery UI datepicker  fields on your site. If you create your own WordPress plugins or themes, you will probably have found yourself in a situation where you have added a date field to a plugin’s or theme’s admin page. There are several ways to include […]

Create Custom Taxonomies In WordPress

This tutorial will help outline all that you need to know when it comes to WordPress taxonomies. Custom taxonomy lets you organize yourcustom post types. It’s like categories and tags for posts, but used for any custom type that you define. Custom Taxonomy Archives list your custom content in the defined taxonomy. The taxonomy used […]

Rename or Replace WordPress Default Post by Custom Post Type

I almost always rename the default “post” post type to article, news, portfolio something else. If you want to simply rename the appearance of posts, rather than creating a custom post type then add bellows code. If you just want to change the admin menu label from Post -> Article, then You will just need […]

Get remote file size using URL in PHP

Here’s the best way to get the size of a remote file. Note that HEAD requests don’t get the actual body of the request, they just retrieve the headers. So making a HEAD request to a resource that is 100MB will take the same amount of time as a HEAD request to a resource that […]

The most efficient method of internet marketing

From the time internet marketing got its color, the website owners have been looking to incorporate the best practices to their website, which could bring in a considerable amount of traffic. The days in which businesses spent lots of money to buy large traffic to their website have gone. Search Engine Optimization is the most […]

Directory Submission Services Tips in SEO

Once your website is created, one of the progeny reciprocation methods you are future to immovability could be one of the minimal impelling interchange methods treat available today. Or, it could actually be a ephemera method if you charged how to use it and what you’re feat yourself into. This reciprocation method is distance accessory […]

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