What is network marketing?

The compensation plan in network marketing is quite similar to affiliate marketing. However, the main difference is in the number of levels through which compensations can be achieved. The sponsoring company can pay the network marketer upto several or even unlimited levels. However, the original agreement will outline the restrictions in the maximum amount of […]

Why are web page titles so important for your web site success?

The title of your web site is the first thing web surfers will see from your web site. Many search engines display the title of a web page as the main link to a web site in the search engine result pages. In addition, the web page title is used when a web surfers bookmarks […]

Why is the second title better than the first one?

The second title has many advantages over the first title. 1. The second title informs web surfers about the purpose of the web site and it gives them a reason to click: Buy sneakers and sports shoes at competitive prices. 2. The second title includes geographical information: As Example in our shop in Washington. People […]

Why Link Building Is Important

Link building is an important task ignored by most of the seo analysts, yet the relevancy and quality of back links, not just a large number of back links can make you stand the cut throat competition in SERP rankings. Google’s guidelines must be followed in building quality links to a website. When it comes […]

Why You Should Learn WordPress blogging

If you start your blog on the wrong platform, you are asking for trouble. Think about this: if your start your blog the wrong way, you could lose all of your search rankings and many of your readers when you try to change gears. Don’t let this happen to you! Start the right way, right […]

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