Reasons for choosing WordPress for a blog

If you are thinking to start your own blog then WordPress is the right tool to go for. My friends have been using it for long time and some of them have built impressive blog site using WordPress. Myself I like it, not it is free but it is simple, easy, light yet powerful. It […]

Secret Tips of SEO

For better SEO results, the links should always be made with text. Many web designers use images for their linking. This is not at all effective for optimization purposes. When more than one page displays the same title tag, the search engines discount those pages’ importance. Another important to keep in mind is that the […]

SEO General Keyword Strategy

Now that you have your list of best and most important keyword phrases, here is the general strategy of how to use them on your web pages. Exactly how to optimize your use of keywords on your web pages is the subject of the next section. The general rule of thumb is that you optimize […]

SEO title tag for blogger

Search engines put a lot of value on your title tags, so it’s worth taking some time to make sure that they’re set up correctly.By default, Blogger puts the Blog name before the post title. You can easily optimize your blogger title for search engine. Go to Layout>Edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard. Find this […]

SEO & Universal Search

Observed for some time Google users and SEOs significant changes in the normal appearance of the search results pages in Google. In addition to the websites of the elements begins Google universal search (Universal Search) to integrate into the search results. These are integrated above, within or below the natural search results list. Google Universal […]

Primary and Secondary Keyword Phrases

After using Keyword Discovery or WordTracker, you should have a great list of keyword phrases. Ideally, you have a single keyword phrase that sticks out from the rest that best represents the category of service, product, or information your website provides. This is your Primary Keyword Phrase and is the one phrase that will be […]

How to Increase Your Alexa Rank With Rapidly

There is a different between and Page Rank google rank is given the rank of 0 s / d 10 while giving the rank alexa rank of tens of million to one figure. I think difficult to become the first, as the world idol alexa will not so easy to give to you […]

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