Popular web trends are analyzed around this time each year. Although the year hasn’t ended yet, we have summed up the latest popular trends that are likely to stick. Some of these trends we’re sure that will make an impact in web design and be continued for years to come! Read below the top 7 most popular web design trends.

1- UI Animated Effects.

UI Animated light weight effects are becoming very popular. Most companies and business are using animated effects to leave a great first impression on every web visitor that comes to their site.

7wtrendsFast Tip: UI Animations must have the correct timing. Always keep your speed even and avoid very fast animation speed! UI Animations are meant to play out a tale and keep the web visitor interested in the story. Keep the message in the animation interesting,unique,connected, and bold.

2- Large Video Backgrounds

Fast Tip: Video Backgrounds can be very heavy and cause a website to load slowly. Always compress a video as much as possible and try to use the lowest frame rate that will be acceptable visually,but at the same time will save those extra kbs.

3- One Page Layout

The one-page layout is the newest most popular trend on the web. This layout is perfect for business showcases and product designs. It presents some small inabilities when it comes to optimization, but for a product preview, it is a great design. The one-page layout smooth and sleek. It goes from top to bottom and will often have a long scroll.

Fast Tip: The 1 Page layout has a navigation that moves within the page instead of to different link. Always keep a menu clear in a visible location as it is the main tool for navigation. Check that all links work and scroll smoothly within the page layout.

4- Full Screen Contact Forms

Contact forms are jumping out of place and going to full screen display. This is a popular trend that looks very professional and most of the code used for this has little effect on SEO.

Fast Tip: Testing the full-screen contact form in mobile devices is a must. Most of these contact forms are built with CSS and javascript. Always do a quick test on mobile devices to make sure that the code making the contact form full screen actually works on a mobile device.

5-Subscription Box

Subscriptions never get old! A subscription box is a place where a website visitor will input his/her email and allow the website owner to add the visitors email on a mail listing and send in any new news or other mail.

Fast Tip: Subscribers are very valuable. Never send too many emails within a week as most people will be likely to unsubscribe. Only mail your subscribers quality emails that they will be interested in seeing.

6- Vibrant Colors

Color is changing and not our eyesight! Colors impose a feeling. Every color makes a difference and sets the personality of a website. Vibrant colors throw plain colors out the window. Vibrant colors are known to attract the human eye more and are even more memorable.

Fast Tip: Vibrant colors are a new trend,but remember vibrancy and neon brightness are two different things. Vibrancy enhances the regular web colors tone and still presenting an easy tone to the eye.

7- Mobile Friendly Layout

We have entered into the mobile era! So many devices are out there and almost 96 percent of individuals have a mobile phone with internet access at all times with them. Phones are convenient and they have become tremendously popular to use. Most people are using phones than desktops nowadays. This is why web developers have to create mobile-friendly devices to satisfy all mobile devices.

Fast Tip: Mobile Friendly layouts are responsive, fast loading, and have larger font sizes. With so many devices, a website needs to auto scale for all and this is where a responsive web design comes into the mix. Mobile devices don’t have internet as fast as a desktop and this requires for web developers to lower the HTTP requests on a browser to make a website load even faster. Due to the size of a mobile device vs a desktop, the regular font size is hard to see. Developers have created a solution and have increased font sizes to make it easier for mobile users to read.

Trends are created because of improvement. Every year the internet improves, new devices are created, and website designs have a new standard. Follow the above 7 trends for your web design!



Published by S M Hasibul Islam

I am S M Hasibul Islam (Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering), a web programmer with more than 5 years experience as like skill php, mysql, html5, css3, javascript, jquery, wordpress, responsive web design, hosting managements with VPS, shared server, also web UI, SEO, SMM.

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