Maybe anyone who is in the business of earning money through online version, would know what AdSense is, as they might as well resort to this method as a way to earn them some pretty good money. But to make the things clearer we want to simply outline once again its definition. AdSense is a system for placing advertising on the Web, a system that was developed by Google.

Once you have subscribed to this system you can earn yourself pretty good money if on your website you place plenty of content that can be reached at while visitors would be able to see also the commercials that might be of interest to them.

The money a web owner can make through AdSense is obtained either by how many visitors click on the ad or by simply having their website visited by as many as possible internet surfers. One way to draw visitors’ attention to the specific products that are advertised for is through the links they can introduce in the content of their site or through the keywords that are added at the end of each text.

But how can one make the distinction between a text and a link, for instance? This is another thing that many not only web owners know but also visitors: the links appear in a distinct color than the rest of the text, as it is with the blue color. This is because the users will be able to see better the link and thus if they are interested to click on it to go to the specific site or product.

But why blue color? Supposing that the color is also black as the lettering of the text, then they will assume that this is actually a part of the text and will overlook it easily. Of course that if you move the mouse over the link you could be guided to the specific site, but definitely your attention wouldn’t have been drawn toward it hadn’t you noticed it while reading the text.

Another mean through which you can maximize the earning is through commercials that come in various colors, other than your site’s, such as banners that were used years ago – the blink-blink type. They are still used nowadays although not that often. The color used for ads should be of an eye-catching hue to arouse visitors’ curiosity. But which can be the color that works the best?

There aren’t colors that are said to work the best for the AdSense initiative; actually the best one is the one that stands itself among the other colors you have available on your site. Some sites would earn more money with the blue link method, while others with blending colors.

The best option would be for your website to try all the options available and see which one works better for your website. Through AdSense channel you are given the opportunity to see which can be the best color to act as an incentive for more AdSense earning.

Published by S M Hasibul Islam

I am S M Hasibul Islam (Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering), a web programmer with more than 5 years experience as like skill php, mysql, html5, css3, javascript, jquery, wordpress, responsive web design, hosting managements with VPS, shared server, also web UI, SEO, SMM.

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