How to Create News Ticker Using HTML CSS and jQuery

How to Create News Ticker Using HTML CSS and jQuery Hey, this is S M Hasibu Islam, working web development field from 2009 to till now. If you don’t know how to create a jQuery news ticker, in bellows tutorial I’ll teach you how to create a news ticker using HTML, CSS & jQuery. I […]

Custom Excerpt and Content Limit WordPress

I just found a solution to limiting the number of words in the excerpt without plugins. Add the following code to your functions.php file. Use this function if you’re planning on using it more than once with a different amount of characters. Displays the excerpt of the current post after applying several filters to it […]

WP Creative Portfolio Configuration

WP Creative Portfolio is a WordPress portfolio plugin. Use this shortcode CREATIVE-PORTFOLIO with [ ] third bracket in the post/page” where you want to display portfolio! The plugin is designed for portfolio site. “WP Creative Portfolio” is a free wordpress plugin. Usage Go to your Dashboard after installation and navigate to “Portfolio >> Portfolio Settings” […]

WP Responsive Slider Configuration

WP Responsive Slider is a WordPress plugin to display your slider on your website! The WP Responsive Slider is free to use, easy to create and simple to manage. WP Responsive Slider is a beautiful WordPress slider which can be used on your website. Usage Go to your Dashboard after installation and navigate to “WPRS […]

Add all Country List as a Custom Taxonomy

I found this country array online and cannot vouch for it’s accuracy. You can add this to your functions.php file in your current theme. Reload WordPress and it should add them. Once they are added, delete this code. I did put a check in there to make sure they aren’t added twice.

I’ve tried […]

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme

Are you looking to create a child theme in WordPress? WordPress child theme allows you change the functionality of the theme without having to edit the original/parent theme template files. Firsty, create a new folder in your themes directory. You can do so using the cPanel or via FTP. The themes directory is the wp-content/themes. […]

How to Add News Feed WordPress Admin Dashboard

This article is for easy and quick tip on how to add news feed to the WordPress Dashboard. RSS feeds benefit publishers by letting them syndicate content automatically. I you ever feel like you want to change the source of the news items on the WordPress dashboard here is how to do it. WordPress developers can […]

Add jQuery Color Picker WordPress Theme or Plugin

Since WP 3.5, a new CSS gradient-based color picker called Iris was added. The new Iris color picker is shown off in the Theme Customizer for your custom theme. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how add the jquery color picker inside your WordPress theme or plugin. I will show you how to […]

Add a jQuery DatePicker to WordPress Theme or Plugin

Here is a quick method to localize with ease the jQuery UI datepicker  fields on your site. If you create your own WordPress plugins or themes, you will probably have found yourself in a situation where you have added a date field to a plugin’s or theme’s admin page. There are several ways to include […]

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