How to Create News Ticker Using HTML CSS and jQuery

Hey, this is S M Hasibu Islam, working web development field from 2009 to till now. If you don’t know how to create a jQuery news ticker, in bellows tutorial I’ll teach you how to create a news ticker using HTML, CSS & jQuery. I just create a news ticker for any website. You can use the ticker to give smooth updates to our viewer in just few clicks.

So, let’s get started core code development stage.

Step: 1

Starts from bellows codes. We have written basic code and include necessary files for getting view of news ticker. It’s just sample code.

Step: 2 

The second step is to add the HTML code. I have adding some sample HTML code for run this news ticker and use all dummy data as text. To get started creating this, you’ll need to put bellows HTML code into the body tag the.

Step: 3

Our HTML code is included into our main HTML code. Now we need to add jQuery code to run news ticker slide of start action. Now we’ll add bellows jQuey code inside the head tag.

In the above jQuery script, here we write a jQuery function named csehasibticker(). Inside this jQuery function we have slide. Then we call the javascript setInterval() function which run our csehasibticker() function interval of 4 sec.

Step: 4 

All are done without style option or view style of the news ticker. Finally we add our CSS inside the head tag or just above the body tag. Any developer can modify the new ticker very easily by modifying bellows CSS code.

Finally, we have created the news ticker & tested online.  I have test this news ticker and its work smoothly.

Published by S M Hasibul Islam

I am S M Hasibul Islam (Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering), a web programmer with more than 5 years experience as like skill php, mysql, html5, css3, javascript, jquery, wordpress, responsive web design, hosting managements with VPS, shared server, also web UI, SEO, SMM.

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