There are many WordPress plug-ins that are available to help optimize your search engine ranking. This is also known as SEO. Before using one of these plugins, you should find out whether or not it is reliable; some of the top rated and most reliable SEO Plug-ins will be listed in the top five WordPress Plugins list below.

1. Permalink Finder is the top rated SEO plug-in for WordPress. This handy tool allows you to bypass the 404 error that occurs when a page cannot be found. It will try to locate anything similar by searching through the database. It will then give the visitor the best match. This gives users what they are looking for while search engine spiders will see the 301 redirect and update their database. This will eventually get users to the right page they are looking for.

2. SEO Slugs is a plug-in that removes commonly used words from post slugs. This, in turn, helps to improve SEO. For example; “what is the best way to lose weight” would come across as “best way lose weight”.

3. SEO Smart Links automatically link phrases and keywords in your content that relate to other posts, pages, tags or categories on your blog. It also allows you to set your own keywords and matching URLS. In the long run, it will save you time and provides you with a lot of information quickly.

4. SEO Friendly Images will automatically update all of your images with the proper ALT and TITLE components. This also helps for search engine optimization. If your images don’t have these components already, this plug-in will add them when you set your options. This will also make the post W3C/xHTML valid.

5. Google XML Sitemap makes building a site map for your site simple. It updates automatically and will help search engines, like Google, search through your blog faster to find the information needed.

If you don’t have all of these SEO plugins for your WordPress site, you should get them to help get your rankings higher in the search engines. Even though some may cost money, getting more traffic to your site through search engine optimized content will help you make more money because you will have more visitors every day. When the search engines can’t find your content; it’s impossible for anyone else to see it, unless they find it by mistake.

Published by S M Hasibul Islam

I am S M Hasibul Islam (Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering), a web programmer with more than 5 years experience as like skill php, mysql, html5, css3, javascript, jquery, wordpress, responsive web design, hosting managements with VPS, shared server, also web UI, SEO, SMM.

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