SEO & Universal Search

Observed for some time Google users and SEOs significant changes in the normal appearance of the search results pages in Google. In addition to the websites of the elements begins Google universal search (Universal Search) to integrate into the search results.

These are integrated above, within or below the natural search results list.

Google Universal Search
Google itself speaks in this context, a new UI (User Interface), which represents aSEO & Universal Search subtle way of universal search results relevant. Google generates its information block not only on the top search queries, but also contextual.

This principle also leads to highly relevant search results. Clicking on a block with references relevant to the topic can sometimes lead to the goal faster than scrolling through numerous subsequent SERPs.

From the perspective of the average user who is usually leafs through no more than 2-3 pages, can provide the implementation of universal search elements in the SERPs a big help. For search engine optimization, however, this can mean a further increase of the competition:

Particular attention should be given to redirecting link units such as “See also” and “Related searches”. To notice the same: The “Related searches” is a bigger problem than “See also” for “See also” appears above the search results, which prevents the user from the profile is not as strong.
For the websites that are not in the top 10, can “Related Searches” lead to an insignificant traffic loss. By default, Google displays 10 results per each search page. The related searches are directly below appears after the 10th place. This tempts the user to place there to click on the next page to go further.
Companies will be more willing to spend more money on paid search (AdWords ads), but to invest in a lengthy strategy for search engine optimization.
On the other hand, admitted that work, “Related Search” really good. You can use this function even as a little “Keyword Suggestion Tool.” But be careful, you really do not know if Google are displayed there through the keywords and keyword phrases shows, according to what is actually searched on the Internet.

Let’s take some shots of some pre-univeral search.

Examples of related searches from Google’s Universal Search


Related Searches

Internet Internet history, internet radio, Internet TV, Internet Wikipedia, Definition Internet, Internet services, Internet pharmacy, intranet
Webdesign Web design templates, web design freeware, free web design, Webtemplate
Marketing Marketing mix, marketing dictionary, marketing strategy, marketing concept, marketing concept, marketing tools, marketing wikipedia, marketing basics

There is little information such as Web pages and categorized the blocks are assigned. Google currently collects information on the acceptance of these changes: If you appear with the mouse on the links in the “Related searches” on the carriageway in the status bar of the browser window, a new URL, appended parameters.

If you click on a suggested link, these parameters are sent along, and generates a new Google search results page, although exactly matches the expected SERPs, but these parameters in the URL always carries on.

Google displayed in the example of the search term “marketing” a block of related searches using the following outline:

Marketing mix
Marketing Glossary
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Concept
Marketing concept
Marketing instruments
Marketing wikipedia
Principles of Marketing
If we click on “marketing wikipedia”, would be the URL of a new search results page after the meta-query

“Mq = marketing + wikipedia”

about the following query parameters:

“& Revid = 797973293 & sa = X & oi = revisions_inline & resnum = 0 & ct = broad-revision & cd = 7″

Insgesam there are 6 parameters that are appended to the search phrase:

revid = 797973293: the revision number for the whole block
sa = X: not yet known to us
oi = revisions_inline: the type of link was clicked. For example, when searching for “New York Images” also displays a block with “image search results.” Click Next when we get the following URL “ C3% BCnchen + pictures & hl = en & um = 1 & sa = X & oi = images & ct = title” that has the parameter “oi = images”. Yes by search type and the url-block of universal search results will also “oi = blog search” for Blog Search or “oi = map” given for Google Maps.
resnum = 0: this parameter has no clear statement can be made
ct = broad-revision: (? ct = click through) Where was the link? Depending on the search result can “ct = title” or as “ct = Resalte” occur.
cd = 7: (cd = Collumn display?) the column that was clicked on the link (in our column 7)
From these parameters, Google gains information about the acceptance of the relative efficiency of searches.

Primary and Secondary Keyword Phrases

After using Keyword Discovery or WordTracker, you should have a great list of keyword phrases. Ideally, you have a single keyword phrase that sticks out from the rest that best represents the category of service, product, or information your website provides. This is your Primary Keyword Phrase and is the one phrase that will be included on all your web pages, particularly on your home page.

In general, this will be your most generic and most competitive phrase, thus it will also be the most difficult to rank well for.

You should also have several other phrases that represent more specific or refined variations to your Primary Keyword Phrase. These phrases will be used on your specific product or service pages.

For example, lets use a website that sells house plans online:

Primary Keyword Phrase:

house plans
country house plans
luxury house plans
Cape Cod house plans

Notice how the Primary Keyword Phrase is contained within the more specific phrases? This is the ideal situation.

Do not try to go after very broad, generic keywords or single words. Those days are over, won by those that started the SEO game years ago and those that have deep pockets. Realistically, how difficult do you think it would be to get a top ranking for, say “computers”, “mortgages”, “cars”, “travel”, or “insurance”? You’d be competing with millions of other web pages and with websites that are eons more established. So you go for the niches for your riches.

What are your Secondary Keyword Phrases?

After using Keyword Discovery or WordTracker, you should have a list of phrases that do not have as high of a search (traffic) number as your Primary Keyword Phrase but are nonetheless also relevant. These are your Secondary Keyword Phrases that, while also highly relevant to your website or business, are not searched on as frequently as your Primary Keyword Phrase.

Using the example above, here are some Secondary Keyword Phrases for “house plans”:

Secondary Keyword Phrases:

home plans
home designs

Secondary Keyword Phrases should also be used on your site, just not as frequently as your Primary Keyword Phrase.

How to Increase Your Alexa Rank With Rapidly

There is a different between and Page Rank google rank is given the rank of 0 s / d 10 while giving the rank alexa rank of tens of million to one figure. I think difficult to become the first, as the world idol alexa will not so easy to give to you so crown course, for a realistic at this time how to approach and attempt to minimize the distance alexa rank award is already pride itself. Tricks Alexa Traffic is IncreasingInstall Alexa Toolbar on your browser
According to my experience alexa toolbar installed on your computer whenever you create a blog age increases, the number of alexa be on the wane. Alexa tollbar function from this, other than to increase the alexa traffic ranking in the spy as a tool to view and analyze the intensity another blog. When you install alexa toolbar in your browser, on the bottom right corner of the screen you will find the ranking of sites you visit. This is one of grandeur alexa toolbar.

Place the alexa widget on your blog site
Alexa widget is an enhancement to see the ranking of your blog quickly, without having to visit our website’s ranking. How to install the alexa widget in blogger / blogspot is very easy to live you have to follow the instructions provided.

Make your blog as the home page.
According to me, is the site home page or pages that will open the first time you run or when the browser (for example: mozilla firefox). To memembuat blog as a home page in mozilla fire fox, it’s easy to step on the main menu select Tools> Options> Main column and then on the Home Page: replace the old link (example: ) and press ok .

Links Exchange
This method of the rather powerful. Did you ever see a site that exist without a single link in the page and position posting site? Most webmasters do link exchange to suggest a link with another blog, as I was writing about how to actually do a good link exchange. You will feel and see the effects of traffic and alexa rank blog visitors to your blog via another link exchage. In my opinion, that would be more effective if you do change that link similar content and content-similar to your site.

Diligent to do blog walking
I never write about the wonders of the world blog hopping here and there are 9 blogs walking marvel of it. There are many things you can get from hip hop blog, one of which is increasing visitor blog and ultimately lead to a rise Traffic Rank

Diligent blog posts and updates
Diligently to update the blog through the blog posting is to help you to stay present new information to your blog it. Often do not update too good also because the visitor will feel tired the development of the blogs you the best time to do is post thursday and saturday day, or three to four times a week. Also do not update as well as frequent update. During my menggawangi, and several other blogs. Often feel for a blog would be to create a significant difference in the alexa ranking.

Often commented on the blog neighbors.
It is very interesting to increase the alexa rank is a commentator on the blog buddies. Perhaps this is quite easy because the habit has become komentariat provide feedback on the blog colleagues, but said the matter is simple but often ignored. Perhaps because of rushing in the real world, another world, is also busy with another blog. Comments on the blog other than as a free ad to get back links from dofollow blog and as a way to get best alexa rank.

What is network marketing?

The compensation plan in network marketing is quite similar to affiliate marketing. However, the main difference is in the number of levels through which compensations can be achieved. The sponsoring company can pay the network marketer upto several or even unlimited levels. However, the original agreement will outline the restrictions in the maximum amount of payment as well as the maximum number of levels the payout can reach. Usually individual arrangements and contracts will differ from one network marketing program to another. This makes comparison quite difficult. The network marketer earns a direct referral fee which is a result of his recommendation of a friend or acquaintance. He may also avail a leverage fee which is due to his “downlines” referring their friends and associates into the network layers. Differences between the twoThere are many differences between affiliate marketing and network marketing as outlined below:

Presence of layers: While network marketing has several layers or strata of people referring other recruiters into the system, affiliate marketing is devoid of any such layers.

Ongoing effort: In affiliate marketing one needs to put in continual efforts in order to gain sustainable income on a long term basis. However in network marketing just with initial efforts, one can continue to reap long term dividends because of the leverage fees associated.

People to people: Network marketing success largely depends on the ability to have good interpersonal skills and enhancing the “downlines” more. However affiliate marketing is more of an individual effort which focuses on gaining maximum profits through individual attempts.

Types of products sold: In the case of network marketing the kind of products sold are primarily those which will be bought by customers again and again. Thus the sale is a repeat process. However in the case of affiliate marketing the type of products sold are such that customers will buy them only once.

Ease of selling: In network marketing it is more difficult to sell products to customers. It’s because supply far outweighs demand. Because of the many layers and sellers trying to sell the same product, the likelihood of the product getting sold gets diminished. In the case of affiliate marketing, it is easier to sell these products especially since they involve more than one type of product. Thus there are more choices and options in an affiliate marketing program.

Stagnation: In network marketing it is very easy to reach a point of stagnation. In other words, once the layers start to increase, the chance of selling the product reduces. This can result in the network marketing chain stagnating in terms of sales. On the other hand, in the case of affiliate marketing, although initially a lot of effort and time maybe needed and sales maybe sluggish, over time the results can be exponential sales.

Downlines: In the case of network marketing, each person has two downlines. These two downlines have two persons under them and so on. However in the case of affiliate marketing, the maximum number of layers it can go to is 5.

Both affiliate marketing and network marketing have their own benefits and drawbacks. No matter which marketing method you opt for, be sure to assess all compensation plans and choose the marketing tool wisely. At the end of the day, you want to maximize your profit potential and it is solely up to you to decide which model suits you best.

Why are web page titles so important for your web site success?

The title of your web site is the first thing web surfers will see from your web site. Many search engines display the title of a web page as the main link to a web site in the search engine result pages.

In addition, the web page title is used when a web surfers bookmarks your web site.

While most search engines don’t allow you to influence the description of your web site, the title of your web site is often listed without any changes.What does this mean to you?

It’s important that your web pages have compelling titles that are compelling to web surfers and that contain your most important keywords.

1. The titles of your web pages are important for search engines

To many search engine spiders the title of a web page is more important than other web page elements. If your web page title contains your most important keywords, it’s likely that the web page will have a good search engine ranking for these keywords.

2. The titles of your web pages are important for web surfers

Why is the second title better than the first one?

The second title has many advantages over the first title.

1. The second title informs web surfers about the purpose of the web site and it gives them a reason to click: Buy sneakers and sports shoes at competitive prices.

2. The second title includes geographical information: As Example in our shop in Washington. People who live in New york are probably not interested in a shop that’s based in Washington.3. The second title contains keywords that are important for a sports shoe business: sports shoes, sports shoe, sneakers and several brand names.

The inclusion of these words in the title increase the change of good search engine rankings for these keywords.

The inclusion of “Washington” in the web page title allows people to quickly find out if it’s worth to visit the web site. In addition, it’s more likely that the web site will be found for a search term such as “shoe shop Washington”.

Good web page titles can help you to increase your search engine rankings and to get more people to click on your link.

Why Link Building Is Important

Link building is an important task ignored by most of the seo analysts, yet the relevancy and quality of back links, not just a large number of back links can make you stand the cut throat competition in SERP rankings.

Google’s guidelines must be followed in building quality links to a website. When it comes to building links most seo companies either follows buying, selling links to high page rank sites but in the long run it doesn’t be fruitful to sell or buy links as Google may blacklist them. Google rates back links from sites that are relevant and offer one way link exchange higher than those offering reciprocal link exchanges.Some directories offer one way link exchange though their review period for inclusion in the directory may be longer. Quality sites may get less time in getting listed in free directories like Google, DMOZ etc. Websites that follows Link farming, link baiting, and buying or selling links are not considered by Google to exchange links. Reciprocal link exchange can also be considered but only with those websites that follow guidelines set up by Google and having relevant category. Also, the website must not be indulged in third party link exchanges. Another most important factor that is rated high by Google is the domain age of a website.

Higher the domain age of a website, higher is its trustworthiness. Generally speaking, if a website has a domain age of more than one year, then it is considered as trustworthy in terms of exchanging links.

Why You Should Learn WordPress blogging

If you start your blog on the wrong platform, you are asking for trouble. Think about this: if your start your blog the wrong way, you could lose all of your search rankings and many of your readers when you try to change gears. Don’t let this happen to you! Start the right way, right from the start.

So “Which blogging platform is best?” I hear you asking. The answer is simple. After years of blogging and using platforms inside and out, it all comes down to WordPress being the hands-down winner. Here are a few reasons why. WordPress has an extensive theme directory. Themes are used to change the look and feel of your blog. You don’t need to know how to design or code a thing. There are thousands of free, premium, and specialty themes to choose from.WordPress has an extensive plug-in directory. Plug-ins enable you to add interesting functionality to your blog. How about a map of your recent readers? Adding a contact form to your about page? Showcasing affiliate products? You can choose third-party plug-ins or even create your own. WordPress offers complete administrative control over your blog. There are very few things that you can’t do with your WordPress blog if you’re self-hosting. My stock answer when anyone asks: “Can I do _____ with WordPress?” is “You can do ANYTHING with WordPress.” It won’t make you coffee in the morning, but it’ll handle most everything else.

WordPress has excellent user management, using a role-based security model that supports multiple levels of access. For example, authors can write articles, editors can publish those articles after approval, administrators can change the design of the blog. This is incredibly convenient if you want to allow multiple authors to write posts for a blog, or perhaps set up a membership site. Forget about hiring a developer; just use WordPress’s built-in user registration functions.

WordPress has an active and enthusiastic contributing developer community. This means that software updates are frequent, bugs are fixed regularly, the software is mature, and requested features are actually added to the product by people who care about and use the product. The WordPress community is a reason why WordPress is such a powerful and easy-to-use product.

WordPress has an easy-to-use page editor. With pages, you can really blur the lines between what is a web site and what is a blog. Pages allow you to store static content (i.e. content that isn’t regularly updated).

It’s free! There are other free blogging packages out there, but none offer the same combination of power and simplicity that WordPress offers. Here’s an interesting exercise: Google “moving to WordPress” and see how many results are returned. People are switching to WordPress software for a reason.

In a nutshell, if you’re blogging, you need to be using WordPress. It’s that simple. WordPress has built a fanatical community and support base for a reason: they’re the best.

How to Create a Breaking News Ticker WordPress Plugin

WP Breaking News Ticker is a WordPress plugin to show your breaking news or news headline on your website!

Please show your support for this plugin by giving it a rating ?

The plugin is designed for online news website. “WP Breaking News Ticker” is a open source WordPress plugin. Any developer can change Or modify this plugin without author permission.

Installation Instructions

  1. Upload wp-breaking-news-ticker to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Just copy and paste if(function_exists(‘wp_breaking_news_ticker’)){wpbnt_post_loop();} in template code or in the post/page” where you want to display news ticker.



  • Go to your Dashboard after installation and navigate to “Settings >> Ticker Settings” to configure the news ticker.


  • Very easy installation
  • Shortcode system
  • Unlimited color variation by using jQuery color picker.
  • Responsive design
  • Custom post supported
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Lightweight JQuery
  • Plugin tested with IE6+, FF 20+, Chrome, Safari

7 Most Popular New Trends of Web Design

Popular web trends are analyzed around this time each year. Although the year hasn’t ended yet, we have summed up the latest popular trends that are likely to stick. Some of these trends we’re sure that will make an impact in web design and be continued for years to come! Read below the top 7 most popular web design trends.

1- UI Animated Effects.

UI Animated light weight effects are becoming very popular. Most companies and business are using animated effects to leave a great first impression on every web visitor that comes to their site.

7wtrendsFast Tip: UI Animations must have the correct timing. Always keep your speed even and avoid very fast animation speed! UI Animations are meant to play out a tale and keep the web visitor interested in the story. Keep the message in the animation interesting,unique,connected, and bold.

2- Large Video Backgrounds

Fast Tip: Video Backgrounds can be very heavy and cause a website to load slowly. Always compress a video as much as possible and try to use the lowest frame rate that will be acceptable visually,but at the same time will save those extra kbs.

3- One Page Layout

The one-page layout is the newest most popular trend on the web. This layout is perfect for business showcases and product designs. It presents some small inabilities when it comes to optimization, but for a product preview, it is a great design. The one-page layout smooth and sleek. It goes from top to bottom and will often have a long scroll.

Fast Tip: The 1 Page layout has a navigation that moves within the page instead of to different link. Always keep a menu clear in a visible location as it is the main tool for navigation. Check that all links work and scroll smoothly within the page layout.

4- Full Screen Contact Forms

Contact forms are jumping out of place and going to full screen display. This is a popular trend that looks very professional and most of the code used for this has little effect on SEO.

Fast Tip: Testing the full-screen contact form in mobile devices is a must. Most of these contact forms are built with CSS and javascript. Always do a quick test on mobile devices to make sure that the code making the contact form full screen actually works on a mobile device.

5-Subscription Box

Subscriptions never get old! A subscription box is a place where a website visitor will input his/her email and allow the website owner to add the visitors email on a mail listing and send in any new news or other mail.

Fast Tip: Subscribers are very valuable. Never send too many emails within a week as most people will be likely to unsubscribe. Only mail your subscribers quality emails that they will be interested in seeing.

6- Vibrant Colors

Color is changing and not our eyesight! Colors impose a feeling. Every color makes a difference and sets the personality of a website. Vibrant colors throw plain colors out the window. Vibrant colors are known to attract the human eye more and are even more memorable.

Fast Tip: Vibrant colors are a new trend,but remember vibrancy and neon brightness are two different things. Vibrancy enhances the regular web colors tone and still presenting an easy tone to the eye.

7- Mobile Friendly Layout

We have entered into the mobile era! So many devices are out there and almost 96 percent of individuals have a mobile phone with internet access at all times with them. Phones are convenient and they have become tremendously popular to use. Most people are using phones than desktops nowadays. This is why web developers have to create mobile-friendly devices to satisfy all mobile devices.

Fast Tip: Mobile Friendly layouts are responsive, fast loading, and have larger font sizes. With so many devices, a website needs to auto scale for all and this is where a responsive web design comes into the mix. Mobile devices don’t have internet as fast as a desktop and this requires for web developers to lower the HTTP requests on a browser to make a website load even faster. Due to the size of a mobile device vs a desktop, the regular font size is hard to see. Developers have created a solution and have increased font sizes to make it easier for mobile users to read.

Trends are created because of improvement. Every year the internet improves, new devices are created, and website designs have a new standard. Follow the above 7 trends for your web design!



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