Effective 25 On Page SEO Techniques 2019

On Page SEO Techniques

On page seo is the system of optimizing a website or web pages with the rank better and gain targeted traffic or visitor in search engines like google and yahoo. On web page refers to each the content and HTML supply code of a web page that may be optimized, as opposed to off-web page search engine optimization which refers to links and different outside indicators. This is the best on page SEO techniques 2019

Effective 25 On Page SEO Techniques are divided in three parts

  1. Crawler/Bot Accessible
  2. User Experience
  3. Content and Value

Crawler/Bot Accessible

  1. Meta robots tag allows crawling: Index, Noindex, Follow, Nofollow, Noimageindex, Noarchive, Nosnippet
  2. Robots.txt crawling.
  3. URL is included in sitemap.
  4. Schema Markup.
  5. HTTPS – SSL.

User Experience

  1. Meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  2. Responsive mobile design with same content and links.
  3. Multimedia: Evaluate or describe media.
  4. Page speed: utilize CDNs, compress images, use reliable hosting.
  5. Integrate social sharing buttons.

Content and Value

  1. Keyword Research: Search Volume, Competitor
  2. Unique, high-quality content.
  3. Start title tag with keyword.
  4. Add modifier to title: Best, guide, review, top, year.
  5. SEO friendly URL.
  6. Attractive meta description.
  7. Header Tags: H1-H6.
  8. Optimize images: compress, title file names, add alt text.
  9. Drop your keyword in 100 words.
  10. Internal links/Outbound links.
  11. Sprinkle LSI keywords.
  12. Post Long Content.

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